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The ACT is a college entrance exam that measures high school students’ readiness for college-level academics. It is a timed multiple choice test that includes sections in mathematics, science, reading, and English, as well as an optional writing section that measures students’ writing skills.

Raising your ACT test scores just a few points can make the difference in getting into the college of your choice and can help you become eligible for scholarship money.

Many universities use a student’s ACT score as one of the main criteria for which acceptance decisions are made, so utilizing Shivark Virtual Academy ACT tutoring services to help you raise your score is a great step towards getting accepted to the college of your choice. Shivark Virtual Academy offers both one-on- one and group tutoring sessions to cater to your specific needs. Our expert tutors will teach you the strategies necessary to master all sections of the ACT and help you recognize the different types of questions and how to solve them. We also focus on your individual needs and weaknesses to help you achieve the best results possible.

ACT practice tests are one of the best tools you can use to prepare for the test. They familiarize you with the content in each section, as well as the number of questions you have to answer and the amount of time you have to complete them. Completing practice tests will prepare you for the day of the exam so that you know what to expect Shivark Virtual Academy will work with your student to prepare him as best as possible for the ACT exam and to give him the confidence he needs to perform to the best of his abilities.

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